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Self-Leveling Tripod, Trackable Wallet, ENVE Jacket, and More Emerging Gear


This week, Italian bootmaker Zamberlin launches a low-cut version of its ever-popular women’s Circe collection. The Circe Low GTX ($250) sports the same super-sticky maximalist Vibram outsole as the boot version. A thick PU rand wraps around the toebox, protecting the toes against rocks and debris and boosting the shoe’s durability.

As the “GTX” name suggests, the Circe Low is equipped with a waterproof-yet-breathable GORE-TEX membrane. For such a hardy and capable hiking shoe, Zamberlin managed to keep the weight impressively low — 9.87 ounce per shape in a women’s 8.5.

All four available colors are elegant and lively, including the pictured Salmon.

Leki Cork Handle Trekking Poles

Cork — an incredibly versatile material primarily known for its collaboration with wine bottles — is made from the bark of a north African Oak Tree. The bark-stripping process doesn’t kill the tree, but it does take nine years for the tree to regenerate in between harvests. From badminton shuttlecocks to office bulletin boards, cork makes its way into many practical objects. Ski and trekking pole specialist Leki jumps aboard the cork train with a fresh batch of poles with natural cork handles.

There are three unique models in Leki’s new cork-handled collection: the Makalu ($150), Cressida ($150), and folding carbon Black Series ($270, pictured). All three models come with an “Aergon Air” cork grip that “wicks away moisture, decreases vibration, ad improves overall comfort.” While the Makalu and Cressida offer telescoping action in a lightweight package, the Black Series is the best choice for folks looking to shave ounces. A pair of Black Series poles weigh exactly one pound.

GCI LevrUp Outdoor Canopy

I have a complex relationship with four-legged pop-up canopies. Once set up and staked down, they provide glorious shade and a welcome reprieve at crowded beaches and music festivals. Unfortunately, the setup process is almost always an outright catastrophe. Pinched fingers, not enough help, and plenty of arguing.

GCI claims that its new LevrUp Canopy ($260) is different. Instead of the abysmal button-slide legs that most canopies use, the LevrUp has a built-in lever that automatically raises the roof. In GSI’s own words, “the setup process allows you to stay outside of the frame the entire time.”

I’ll need to try it myself, but the LevrUp looks to be a clever design.

inov-8 ROCLITE G 345 GTX V2 Hiking Boots

Inov-8’s product names are longer than license plate numbers in Mumbai. These boots — AKA the ROCLITE G 345 GTX V2 ($200) — are the brand’s latest, and despite the complex name, they look to be no-frills, high-quality footwear.

The “345” in the name refers to the boot’s weight: 345 grams or about 12 ounces (per boot). This notably low figure definitely deserves highlighting — most of our favorite hiking boots weigh at least 14 ounces each. Inov-8 has reduced the ROCLITE’s weight by using a synthetic woven upper material and an airy POWERFLOW MAX underfoot cushioning system. Men’s and women’s sizes are available.

Arc’teryx x Songsta Kawagarbo Series

Arc'teryx x Songsta Kawagarbo Series

Unexpected brand collaborations are a norm in the world of outdoor gear — but this one is a real head-scratcher. Arc’teryx joins up with luxury boutique hotel group Songsta to unveil a “highly anticipated” co-branded collection. The Arcteryx x Songsta Kawagarbo Series is “inspired by Kawagarbo Peak,” one of thirteen peaks in China’s Meili Snow Mountain Range.

All five products in the collection are existing staples of Arcteryx’s line — the Beta AR Jacket, the Gamma MX Hoody, etc. What sets the collection apart is its striking color scheme — a high-visibility mix of lemon yellow, Bordeaux orange, and dark royal blue. To demonstrate the two involved brands’ “shared value system,” the collection will fund a “local mountain clean-up team” and “donate 15 mules” to work with said team, presumably in the Meili Snow Mountain range region.

The collection is not yet available to purchase.

Benro Theta Auto-Leveling Tripod

When first launched on Kickstarter, Benro’s Theta mini tripod had a fundraising goal of $50,000. In just a few months, the brand has raised over $1,000,000 in pledge money. It’s safe to say traveling photographers are stoked about this one.

Benro has been manufacturing and designing tripods for 30 years. Its latest innovation, the Theta, is a portable “auto-leveling” tripod that weighs just 2.7 pounds.

The auto-leveling feature uses a built-in motor and gyroscope to automatically extend or retract the legs to perfectly situate the mounted phone or camera. A single press of a button sets the leveling process in motion.

If the Theta works as advertised, it could prove to be a major time saver on outdoor photo shoots. It’s available to pre-order now for $349.

Geo Wallet MagSafe Wallet with "Find My" Functionality

A handful of experiences are universally human: contagious laughter shared with a dear friend, the transcendent bliss of music … and WHERE THE F$#% DID I PUT MY WALLET?!

Wallets are a major pain to lose, and yet it happens all the time. In an effort to decrease suffering in the world, GEO Wallet drops its new MagSafe Wallet with “Find My” compatibility. Yes, you can use your iPhone, iPad, or Macbook to track down the Geo Wallet. It was probably in your dirty pants pocket the whole time, but why spend three frustrated hours to find out?

In addition to its built-in “Find My” beacon, the Geo Wallet also serves as a MagSafe battery pack and tiny phone tripod, as pictured. It can be reserved now for $31. The estimated delivery is May 2023.

Simms Freestone Fishing Waders

Simms has been a major player in fishing equipment and outerwear for 40 years. The brand’s Freestone Waders have been a favorite of anglers since 2003. Now, the Freestone receives a full ground-up redesign — a project that’s been in the works for over 2 years.

Available in a men’s bib, women’s bib, and a men’s pant, the new Freestone is constructed from a four-layer Toray Quadralam fabric, complete with elastic stretch suspenders and built-in neoprene gravel guards.

Other new developments include a fleece-lined reach-through chest pocket and a zippered stretch-woven stash pocket.

Topo Designs Dirt Shirt

With a straight fit, 98% cotton construction, and a classic single front pocket, Topo Designs’ Dirt Shirt ($89-109) has timeless appeal. A dash of interwoven spandex adds a bit of modern flair and athletic performance, but otherwise, this shirt looks and feels vintage.

This shirt is the product of a sustainability-minded manufacturing process. Grown from “organic cotton seeds,” and “small-batch-dyed with GreenScreen certified dyes,” Topo’s entire Dirt Collection aims to prove that “sustainability is durability.” Men’s and women’s Dirt Shirts are available in a variety of earthy colors.

ENVE All-Trails Anorak Jacket

Today, ENVE launches its Loam & Range collection — an extensive array of on-bike trail riding apparel. From fitted baggies for gravel rides to tapered shorts designed for slashing singletrack, the collection caters to all off-pavement cyclists.

The Men’s Off-Trails Anorak ($250) is the standout piece among the new Loam & Range kit. It’s difficult to find a good purpose-built mountain biking rain jacket that won’t cause excessive sweating and overheating. Equipped with a “breathable three-layer” outer fabric and “plenty of extra vents,” this pull-over anorak aims to shield the wearer from moisture without the dreaded garbage-bag heat-trap effect.

poler x 10 barrel

Poler, the original “Camp Vibes” brand, has partnered with 10 Barrel to launch beer and gear. A six-pack of the eponymous “Camp Vibes” golden ale fits nicely into the blaze orange Poler soft cooler. And you can round out the full Vibes set up with a matching tent, poncho, and camp chair. Shop the Camp Vibes gear at Poler, and find the Camp Vibes golden ale near you.

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