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Retire the Wax Iron? mountainFlow’s Handheld Infrared Waxer Offers Alternative

Retire the Wax Iron? mountainFlow’s Handheld Infrared Waxer Offers Alternative

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Infrared heat is widely used for devices in the medical, industrial, science, and military sectors. It’s also often used in at-home devices like saunas, pain relief body wraps, space heaters, garage door openers, thermal imaging cameras, and, as of recently, ski waxing devices like mountainFLOW’s handheld Infrared (IR) Waxer 2.0.

Ski shops have used infrared waxing machines for years. The technology is not only more effective than using a waxing iron but is also more efficient and more eco-friendly because they use less wax. Usually, they are wall-mounted or take up a decent chunk of floor space like the WINTERSTEIGER Wax Future machine. If you want one of those at home, you’ll have to give up a lot of garage real estate.

The first iteration of the mountainFLOW IR Waxer came out in 2022. Now, the brand has released its second version, the IR Waxer 2.0, and it’s even smaller and easier to use than the first.

“Our IR technology allows the DIY waxer to use significantly less wax and eliminate the entire scraping process,” said Peter Arlein, mountainFLOW Founder and CEO. “Furthermore, the infrared light encourages wax base penetration deep in the base for superior glide and durability.”

Waxing With Light: mountainFLOW Infrared Waxer 2.0


Infrared light is a form of electromagnetic radiation. When it touches a surface, it releases heat energy regardless of the surrounding air temperature.

When used for ski waxing, it allows the wax to saturate the ski base more thoroughly than iron waxing or hot boxing. Compared to those traditional methods of waxing, IR waxing penetrates deeper into material than it otherwise would, the brand claims. It also mitigates the risk of “hot spots” that can occur when using a handheld iron.

And, as mentioned by Arelin, infrared waxing also requires significantly less wax and removes the need to scrape excess wax off. As he demonstrates in the video below (with the IR Waxer 1.0), you apply the wax directly to the base of your skis or board using the mountainFLOW handheld IR waxer 2.0. Watch the wax absorb directly into the base material, brush your bases, and you’re done.

“This is the fastest, easiest, and most fun way to wax. And, it’s also super sustainable,” Arelin said.

Sustainability is the name of the game at mountainFLOW. The brand has been innovating eco-friendlier ski wax and tuning products since 2016. Its plant-based ski waxes and bike lubes are all USDA Certified Bio-based Products — meaning no petroleum or fluorocarbon particles are deposited into the environment when you’re using them.

Of course, all this goodness costs a lot more than a used iron at the thrift shop. The Infrared Waxer 2.0 will set you back $250. To order your mountainFLOW IR Waxer 2.0, check out the brand’s website.

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