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Mom, Athlete, Western States Competitor — Dreama Walton Is One Bad Mother


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Dreama Walton never thought she’d be an ultrarunner. But, as she says in the trailer for Dreama Team — the upcoming documentary about her journey — she “caught the bug.”

Ultrarunning is a hell of a bug to catch. The sport places huge demands on time, relationships, and the body. Walton’s mission is to balance her life while competing at a high level.

And make no mistake, the Western States 100 is a high-level race. Nobody gets there without knowing how to endure and overcome. If the trailer is any indication, Walton learned those skills from a family member early in her life.

“From the get-go, we were fascinated [by] the idea of running such a long distance. Clearly, it is an intense struggle that is beyond physically demanding,” co-directors Steve Vanderheide and Chad Weber told GearJunkie in an interview.

“It made us ask the question, ‘What is the value of struggle and doing hard things? Why would someone willingly suffer through something like this? Does this, in some way, set them up to take on life better, and perhaps make life easier… or more rewarding?’” the filmmakers continued.

Check out the trailer for Dreama Team and be on the lookout for the full film, dropping this summer, 2023.

Runtime: 2.5 minutes

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