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Big Bouldering Deals Just in Time for Spring


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Bouldering is all about fine margins. It’s rock climbing synthesized — simple, pure, and demanding. Every minute detail plays a role when bouldering at your physical limit: ambient temperature, humidity, fingertip skin, what you ate for breakfast — the list goes on. A successful send only occurs at the elusive intersection of many finicky factors.

As winter turns to spring, classic boulder problems across the country enter a brief window of ideal climbing conditions. In March, April, and May, snow melts, days grow longer, and air temperatures rise — it’s the right time to send.

To further increase your odds of putting together a productive spring bouldering season, check out these deals on high-quality essentials.

Mammut Boulder Cube Chalk Bag: $29 (35% Off)

This sizable chalk bucket is purpose-built for pebble wrestling. Its geometric shape gives it a nice stable base, so you’ll be less likely to knock it over and spill your precious Friction Labs all over the boulder field. The sizable opening has a secure cinch closure to further prevent chalk loss in between sessions.

In 2023, experienced boulderers carry an extensive tool kit of nick-knacks and do-dads. Tape, brushes, files, and nail clippers seriously come in handy, but you need somewhere to put them. The Boulder Cube has a sizable zippered pocket for that exact purpose.

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Marmot V10 Pack: $76 (30% Off)

Marmot V10 Pack

Compared to sport and trad climbing, bouldering doesn’t require much gear. Boulderers get by with shoes, chalk, crash pads, and a few other widgets for skin care and hold maintenance.

To perfectly accommodate the gear needs of boulderers, Marmot created the V10 pack, a slim 24L bag that easily slides into a crashpad for easy carrying.

The V10 pack has stowable shoulder straps and a series of small zippered mesh pockets for internal organization. When you aren’t actively bouldering, the pack easily doubles as a short-trip travel bag.

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Patagonia Hampi Rock Pant: $44 (50% Off)

Patagonia Hampi Rock Pant

These lightweight climbing pants are ideal for warm conditions. Their namesake bouldering destination is in a hot and dusty region of the Indian sub-continent — and that’s the type of climate where these Hampi Pants thrive.

If you’re planning a late-spring bouldering trip to Moe’s Valley, Hueco Tanks, or Bishop, expect toasty temps. The Patagonia Hampi Rock Pants are made from a breathable and airy hemp blend, and they’re an effective choice for sweat prevention and overall core temperature regulation. The built-in OppoSet adjustable waist belt adds extra utility.

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Metolius The Base Camp Pad Set of Two: $206 (25% Off)

Metolius The Base Camp Pad Set of Two:

This simple, no-frills crash pad offers the most foam for the money of any pad on the market. During the current sale, you can get two standard-sized 4-inch thick pads for $206. To put that number into perspective, most pads this size cost around $200 each.

Metolius is known for its utilitarian gear design, and these pads fit the theme. Without a folding hinge in the middle, these crash pads are somewhat awkward and difficult to carry. However, when used as a supplement to a backpack-style pad with hook-and-loop flaps, these pads offer unbeatable value.

For padding a large uneven landing underneath a sketchy highball, it doesn’t get any more cost-effective than this.

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